Starter File

Starter File

Postby blue » Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:02 pm

Here is the starter file for new owners or current ones needing to restart. *OOTP should be closed when doing this.*
File: ... WI5MUkxT1k (Note: This is the same file used for in-game updates. You could download directly and extract manually if you choose)

Understand where your OOTP saved_games folder is on your computer. "~" basically means the directory up to here.

1. Download and Unzip the starter file and begin downloading the league graphics. Graphics can be found here. *TBC cannot be enjoyed without its custom made graphics!!!*
2. Place The Baseball Classic.lg folder within the zip in your ~/saved_games directory
3. Add a folder named settings in ~saved_games/The Baseball Classic.lg/
4. Receive accountsdata_gms.dat files from a Commissioner and place the file into the settings folder you created.
5. Install the league graphics if you have not done so already.
6. Open OOTP and load The Baseball Classic!!!
7. Find your GM profile and sign in. If you don't see it, verify with a Commish that you've been added, or select the TBC Guest profile and update the league file.
8. Verify with someone that you're on the correct date in game. If not, click File - Online League - Download Latest League File.
9. Export to verify your status. You should always verify that your export goes through by using the Export Tracker
10. Let a commish know that you are all set up and good to go. Enjoy the league!

Common locations of saved_games directory:
/program files/out of the park developments/ootp 18/data/saved_games
/program files/steam/steamapps/common/OOTP 18/data/saved_games
Note: spellings in above directories may differ slightly, do not just copy and paste them into your address bar, navigate to each folder instead

On a Mac:
Users/Your User Profile/Library/Application Support/Out of the Park Developments/OOTP Baseball 18/saved_games

Alternate Method of finding your saved_games directory:
Open OOTP 18
Navigate to Settings
Navigate to Troubleshooting tab
Click the link that says "Open folder containing saved games"

After folder is in right place, game should appear like any saved game in OOTP. Open and sign into new owner to download latest file and get up to date.
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