1990 Draft Grades with Nick Knudsen, Picks 1-3

With a new buzz floating around one of the TBC’s newest cities and the 1990 draft currently ongoing we contacted Portland scouting director, Nick Knudsen, to get the grades of the players fortunate to be selected with the first three picks.


Atlanta Pilots select RF Jamel Mitchell first overall.

Mitchell just finished a great year with the Clemson Tigers slashing .308/.377/.579 with 16 home runs and 60 RBI’s in 62 games however when asked about Mitchell, Knudsen didn’t seem too impressed about Atlanta’s newest prospect. Knudsen said “Even though OSA had Mitchell as a great prospect I personally just don’t see it. I think he will be a jack of all trades but master of none. He projects to be a career journeyman that can be a solid support player on great teams but he’ll never be a star or live up to his #1 overall hype. Even though Mitchell should be a solid baseball player, taking him first overall forces me to give the Pilots a B.”

Columbus Jets select SS Maverick “Future” Schnepf second overall

Drafted out of high school from Mount Dora. Florida the 18 year old shortstop just finished a historic senior year setting multiple school records. In 27 games he hit for a 1.700 OPS with 15 doubles, 13 home runs and an excellent batting average of .549. Knudsen also gave praise to the right handed slugger stating “I think this young man has a bright future at the highest level. As he gets older and thickens out a lot of his doubles will turn into home runs. He just seems to have all of the natural abilities and instincts that make up a great hitter and will translate into success at the highest level. His glove is below average and he will most likely be a better fit at second base or a corner outfield spot but with his bat, that shouldn’t be an issue. My grade for the jets is an A.”

Oklahoma Mavericks select SS Bill Austin third overall

Bill Austin was a huge surprise going third overall to say the least. Playing college ball at Oklahoma State he didn’t have the type of success that would warrant a top 3 pick with decent numbers at best in his senior year. When Knudsen was questioned about Austin he said “I was stunned to see him go so early. I didn’t even have him going in the first two rounds let alone the first three picks. While I am higher on him then OSA is, taking him third overall is a massive reach in my opinion. He does play sound defense at a premium position but that will only take him so far. His bat at best projects to be below average which is what makes him a bad pick this early in the draft. I hope it works out for the Mavericks but with his skill set and the fact they could’ve grabbed him much lower in the draft force’s me to give Oklahoma an F.”

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