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Opening Day for the 1989 Moonshine Bandits

Well, are we going to once again be pulling those Mason jars out of their boxes for another Championship here in the Volunteer state?

I think I can answer that question in in 5 words. Not a chance in Hell. Even though the Bandits went out and resigned Sean White and fan favorite Timmy Kotler, let’s face it. Those 2 are past their prime. What else did they do in the off season? Well the did sign old manVictor Brown out of Free Agency. Emilio Rojo also signed a one way ticket into no where’s college. Let’s face it folks, this team is going nowhere, and they are going there fast. Yes, we still have Sepi Good, who is starting to show his wears. Ben Holland, now that’s someone to feel sorry for. You can’t tell me he didn’t know what he was getting in to last season when he signed on. You can’t tell me he thought he was going to win a championship with this ragtag group of guys. You will see some new faces out on the field. Dermott Booth is a promising young star that has made the squad.
So we go out and sign Jonathon Robinson, this guy pitches .1 inning in Sprint training and he’s out for the season. What’s shoulder inflammation? Sounds like a bruised ego to me. So you think I’m being a little hard on the boys of summer. Well we have no farther to look than our trusty old GM Don Knight who sold everything off a couple years ago and decided to try and rebuild again
What’s that, we are still paying for Ryan Trenk to play in Pittsburgh. Why is Mr Tackett the Owner of the team retaining Knight? Ok so he has had 10 playoff appearances in his tenure. Yes, he has won 1 championship. Well that was yesterday. He can fill the seats, he’s losing money, still paying salaries of people that don’t play here anymore. I think someone hit him over the head with a baseball bat. So while some of you are going to continue to spend your hard earned money on this three ringed circus that someone is calling baseball. I will be sitting in my chair at home watching I’ll be turning my TV to Rosanne and The Golden Girls.

Popcorn Sutton sports written Smokey Mountains Herald

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