1989 Florida Rockets Opening Day

Rockets fans have sky high expectations for their team this season. The Rockets have consistently played mediocre in the past. With a team full of batters hitting their prime and four elite pitchers, the Rockets look to go further in the playoffs than ever before.

Ace Geoffroy Bartoccini will take the mound on opening and and start his campaign to be pitcher of the year. High profile free agent acquisition Mike Lawrence, Zack “Snaggletooth” Steger, and Travis Stanley will round out the staff and be sure to strike fear into any of the rest of the batters every game of the series. Florida relievers Jonathan Headman and Brian Mitchell anchor a strong bullpen ready to help finish any lead the Rockets get their hands on.

Best Fielder Third Baseman Joe Rhoades will look to continue his dramatic story of being a ninth round pick chosen for his versatile fielding to becoming third in Rookie of the year votes. John Roe and Jamel Wims will provide solid defense in the corner outfield position. Ryan Langer and Kyle Vickers will start out the year at catcher and first base respectively but will need to prove themselves ready to take on the threat of prospects fighting for playtime. The second base position will be up to the coaching staff to decide which of Hadsell, Lowell, or Tanaka should start that day.

Will Florida fans fianlly see a championship in Florida? Only time will tell but the countdown to see the Rockets blast off is finally over.

Author- Dan Cahill GM Florida Rockets

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