Meet Your 1986 New York Baseball Club

The Baseball Club in New York was relatively quite this offseason making only a few minor moves. They are looking to build upon some of the young starts stating to really take shape in NY. They will be led by veteran starting pitcher Ignacio Gasca coming of one of his best seasons in ’85 going 10-3 with an ERA of 2.21 and a league leading BB/9 of an outdenting 1.1. The lineup will be anchored by 3rd year pro Jon Overall who will be making the move from SS to 2nd to help with defensive efficiency reasons.

This is what we are currently expecting the roster to look like.

Terry Mikes Alex Delgado
Image Image

1B – Mike Hutchins 1B – Wayne Bell 2B – Jon Overall 2B – Aaron Aust 3B – Shaun Crain SS – John Councilman UTL – Ethan Anglin
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LF – Robbie Clayton LF – Steve Gerbin CF – Jim Dickson RF – Adam Wheeler RF – Jim Levitt
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Starting Pitchers
SP – Ignacio Gasca Adam Peoples Andy Meehan Grayson Vandenbergh
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Peter Angle Alan Cull Jose Delgado Jon Guth Tomas Sanders Eddie Vasquez
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Bill Cagle

Italic = New to team this year

There are some new faces around the clubhouse players like Wayne Bell, Aaron Aust, and Steve Gerbin were all brought in to help develop a better team chemistry as well as there championship experience and veteran leadership to help some of the younger guys under pressure. Then there are guys like Adam Wheeler and Peter Angle who where punched from the ABA for there great seasons so far. NYCBC GM told me

“I’ve had my eye on [Adam] Wheeler for over a year now, ever since he signed with the [Lancaster Red] Roses. [LF Robbie] Clayton played with him last year in Lancaster and they really clicked and he fills a need with [Breslin] Jackson’s injury in spring ball. As for [Peter] Angle we are always looking for ML ready arms and he has been lights out and we feel he deserves another shot in The Baseball Classic.”

NYC is looking to build off an impressive end to the 1985 season where they did not lose a game after the All Star break. Leading them to there 2nd Classic Cup appearance in there first 9 season. On the shoulders of 3rd year starting pitcher Adam Peoples they look to charge into the 1986 season with that same momentum. The Brooklyn native peoples had this to say about the up coming season

“We need to keep this going we won 17 straight to end the season last year and a lot of the credit goes to the fans, you came out and supported us you sat at the local bar watching the games with your friends cheering us on. I’m proud to play for the team I got to grow up rooting for. We are going to do everything we can to bring the Cup to this great city to my home.

Peoples was really passionate about his hometown team one thing many people don’t know about Adam is that he was actually the substitute bat boy for NYC back in ’77 their first year and the last time they had gone to the CC before last year.

Offensively they will be looking to build on the sub-par ’85 season at the plate. With players like Clayton and Hutchins getting there first full year under there belts they, along with Overall and veteran Crain will be looked upon to lead the team at the plate. Hitting coach Callum Windsor will get his first full year as the hitting coach. Windsor’s resume specks for itself all the years in Austin gives him the respect he deserves.

Prospects to watch for in 1986
SS – Robbie ‘Buck’ Barzaga
Barzaga is expect to take over at shortstop following the Miami series. Buck is a base stealing threat who has an above average glove at ss and has the potential to hit close to if not above .300.

RP – Josh Hanna
RP – Dan Meredith
RP – T.J. Anderson
There is a good chance that 2 or possibly all 3 could see time this year a the ML level. Anderson has “electric” stuff whit a fastball that can hit triple digits accompanied by a curve that can buckle the best of them as well as a changeup that is still developing. Anderson’s biggest problem is his control but this year should be the ultimate test on whether he can be a big league closer or just a middle man. Meredith is very similar to Anderson but Meredith throws a slider instead of a curve but also has a fastball that can hit 100mph. Meredith fills more of a stopper roll because of his increased stamina. Hanna is a Providence, NJ native and is in an interesting spot on the border of been an effective SP but NYC seems to be leaning towards a shut down long relief role for him for the time being anyway. I could see him posable getting moved to someone before the deadline.
Image Image Image

SP – Andrew ‘The Snake’ Kosch
SP – Geremia Ciappi (loan to Amsterdam CEB)
Although it is unlikely we will see either of these guys in The Baseball Classic this year injures could change that so we will touch on them a little bit. Kosch is the #5 prospect in the league right now, he has 3 plus-plus with potential to add two more. The moment on his pitches is outstanding our scout once saw him break 3 bats in a row once. Cappi has a lot of potential but needs to get his control taken car of if he want to be in a big league rotation. Both would be sold replacements for any injuries but that is likely the only way this will get to the bigs this season.
Image Image


3B – Ray ‘Shocker’ Thornton
Thornton has been impressing scouts all over the place. If he can develop some power he could be a perennial all star.

According to the most advanced technology to date the NYCBC is projected to land yet another WC slot this year. They are expected to have a record of 46-42 tying Chicago for the last spot in the WC but putting NYC ahead of the Rogues.

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