TBC History: Records Broken

Here is a recap of all the single season records that were broken this year!

New Orleans Trent Harrell sets the record for most triples in a year with 10. This is the second year in a row he’s lead the SC in triples. He passes a slew of players with 9 including Tristan Langlois Ben Caprio Hector Pena Dan Levy Riki Tanaka Bill Monson and Elijah Wood.

Senichi Nakazawa of Maine and Virginia sets the single season record for being caught seating, a record which was previously held by Howie Harrison back in 1982.

Speaking of Harrison he set the record for most walks in a season as most already know with 89 in total. That record prior to this season was held by Matt Hardaway(77) who now ranks 3rd on that list behind Morgan Thornsberry(78). A record which stood for 7 years since 1978.

Jorge Lopez of Oil City set the ERA record at 1.516 breaking teammate Dennis Burtons previous record of 1.57 set back in ’83.

Andrew Kuhlman out in Oakland ties the record for games pitched with Jeremy Hutchison at 55.

Kelly Lamb ties Dennis Burton for most shutouts in a single season with 5.

Jeremy McCord(193) and Brian Hasting(182) both broke the previous record for hits allowed in a single year, a record that was previously held by Manuel Cortez since 1979

Author NYCBC GM Kevin Borkowski


Sean White and Jorge Lopez also tying the single season win % record with 100%

Author OC GM/Commissioner Joe Peters


Virginia Mariners eclipse the stolen bases record for a team by just 4, beating out the Smokey Bandits one year trip to Charleston team. The Mariners had 138 SB, Matt Wilson and the one and only Tim Bradshaw had 31 and 24 to lead the team.

Author SM GM Don Knight

Paul Nolan sets the single season HR record for U24 with 29, Nolan managed 51 HR in 538 AB at all levels in 1985.


Author SEA GM Nathan Royce

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