Game of the Week Review

Game of the Week Review: The undefeated New Orleans Pelicans, now 9-3, finally took their first loss of the season during the first game of their series against Houston, 6-7. New Orleans had trouble mustering offense most of the game, however they managed to score 5 runs in the top of the 9th to tie […]


Game of the Week Review.

Game of the Week Review: The two top powers of the SC battled it out this week, STP-SF, finishing in exciting fashion. The Apostles managed to pull off a victory with some late magic from from Nick Bondi and Marvin Bakers back-to-back triples in the 9th. Julio Barajas made short work of the Peanuts in […]


Game of the Week Review.

The game of the week was between the Smokey Mountain Moonshine Bandits and the Pittsburgh Grinders. Both teams’ pitchers came to play and dazzled the crowd with fantastic performances. Smokey’s Sean White pitched 8 innings aloowing 2 runs, walking 3 and striking out 8. But it just wasn’t enough to beat the Grinders on this […]


Game of the Week Review.

This week SEA-ELP played an 18 inning intense marathon of a game that ended with ELP taking their first game of the series. 11 total pitchers, 5 pinch hitters, and 4 defensive substitutions. A total of 21 batters were left-on-base by both teams, SEA Mike Palmer went 0-8 and left 7 on base by himself. […]


Game of the Week Review.

LA-TOR started of the week of games in exciting fashion with a 7-6 nail-bitter that saw TOR come out victorious in the end. Toronto tied the game in the 8th with a monster 2 out blast from Dave Sanchez that sent shock waves through the Ballpark of Toronto, Josh Jacobs sent his own shock waves […]