Houston wants another Ring

Owner goals have mostly been something to laugh at since introduced a couple versions ago, but Houston is taking one of theirs seriously this year: build a championship team. That’s exactly what Houston feels they’ve achieved this year, after a heartbreaking defeat in the 1988 Classic Cup to the Virginia Mariners. In 1987, Houston seemingly […]


1989 Opening Day Seattle Metros

Pitching Staff Rotation- Newly acquired Manny Bonilla will be leading the Metros rotation this season, “WE have played a lot of baseball against this guy and we think he can help us win some ball games now that he is on our side” says former Metro and bench coach Justin Rogers. #2 in the rotations […]


Legends Leave the TBC.

Today, among numerous fans crowding the street all the way down to Zilker Park, a legend is being enshrined, #53, Jeff Richards. The first great batter of the Baseball Classic. It is an oddly warm morning in the beginning of November, and many wondered why the honor was not delayed until the beginning of next […]


TBC History: Records Broken

Here is a recap of all the single season records that were broken this year! New Orleans Trent Harrell sets the record for most triples in a year with 10. This is the second year in a row he’s lead the SC in triples. He passes a slew of players with 9 including Tristan Langlois […]